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Too bad for the interested customers, the 20 copies of the Huayra BC are already completely sold out. Luckily there’s some more good news now that Pagani comes up with the Paccheto Tempesta for the Huayra. A package that makes your Huayra even more sharp.

No, unfortunately this isn’t a power boost. Your Huayra won’t produce 800 hp like the Huayra BC. You still have 730 hp under your right foot. What does this package mean? The Huayra will get forged wheels which reduce the weight with 7.2 kilograms. But of course that’s not all.

The Huayra got a lot of feedback about the ‘bad’ sound of the car. The turbo AMG engine produces a completely different sound than the amazing naturally aspirated V12 from the Zonda. The Huayra sounds way more modest. Not with the Paccheto Tempesta because with the titanium exhaust the sound is improved and the weight is also reduced with another 7 kilograms. Next to that, shock dampers by Öhlins are installed, just like a new aero package which is based on the BC. What’s the price of this new package? Just like you would expect at Pagani, this is quite a high price. This package will cost you an extra €160.000,-. Do you think this package is worth this much money?

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