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Welcome to the ultimate incarnation of the Mercedes-AMG S63 Convertible: the 577bhp, bi-turbo V8-powered S63 AMG.

Well, the ultimate S-Class Cab for now at least. There’ll soon be an S65 AMG offering a surfeit of V12 fury, but this £135,675 S63 soft-top is all a sane person could ever really need. It’s £8000 more expensive than the coupe – a bit of a favourite here at TG – but due to packaging the triple-layer electric roof, you can’t have the clever suspension that reads the road ahead for bumps and leans into corners.

How does it sound?
Fairly naughty for what’s supposed to be the most dignified and opulent of all the Mercedes cabrios. AMG has made the best fist of the recent rush to downsize engines with smaller turbo units – its V8s have kept not just the barrel-chested torque and creamy response, but also their personality-laden, rolling thunder soundtrack.

The S63 is powered by the 5.5-litre V8, instead of the ‘hot-vee’ 4.0-litre you’ll find in the C63 and AMG GT, but its less aggressive, more melodious tones suit this car.

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