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Mercedes-AMG GT C Roadster

Three years on, as the AMG coupes undergo mid-cycle enhancements and slight horsepower bumps to 469 and 515 horsepower, reinforcements have finally arrived. Four additional models triple the GT lineup for 2018: the long-awaited roadster version of the GT; new GT C coupe and roadster models with 550 horses and comprehensive AMG performance enhancements; and the wicked, track-focused 577-hp GT R, a monster coupe that topped our 2017 Lightning Lap competition. The six-model lineup definitely will help the GT compete with the 911, but does each feel special in and of itself? We’re on a mission to find out, having just tested a new GT C roadster—which seems purpose-built to go head to head with Porsche’s sporting 911 GTS cabriolet. As it turns out, however close it may be to matching or surpassing its Porsche nemesis on paper, the AMG offers delights all its own.

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