McLaren has been on fire lately. They’ve been churning out fantastic supercars these days. The Sports Series 570S, the 570GT, and my personal favorite, the 675LT. The LT drives like a hardcore racecar. It’s loud, low, fast and it handles brilliantly. It’s everything a McLaren should be. Now, the base model of the LT(the 650S), is being replaced. The new car is called the 720S and I think it looks great. The new design is fantastically exotic, with the 720S looking very different from the 650S. The styling of this car is quite controversial. A lot of people believe that this car is ugly, but its overall shape is reminiscent of the million-dollar P1 hypercar.

This car looks like no other car I’ve seen. It’s very reminiscent of a spaceship. The interior is great with Nappa leather, and a revolutionary digital speedometer that takes this car into the future. The design is chic. The seats look like they’re more comfortable than my bed, too. Once again, it feels like the cabin of a spaceship. To make this car drive like a spaceship, McLaren has built a new 4.0 Litre Twin Turbo V8 that has 720 horsepower. It has the same fantastic 7-speed dual clutch automatic found in almost every supercar.

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