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McLaren 600LT

McLaren Automotive is the unstoppable car company. Part of a bigger group valued at £2.4 billion, the lion’s share of its revenues is being generated by the car division, not bad given that this is an outfit not yet a decade old that will manufacture around 4,000 cars this year. This isn’t just a drop in the ocean, it’s a little bubble on the back of the drop.

Even so, McLaren has become ruthlessly optimised, not to mention one of the UK’s most impressive companies. Or to put it another way, it’s the creator of arguably the most stimulating cars currently being made anywhere, by anybody – Aston Martin, Ferrari, Porsche, you name it. It’s making real headway now in the US, too, where a new breed of client is helping McLaren eclipse the old order. (Tyler, The Creator is a big fan.) And when it comes to its LT sub-brand – for Long Tail, an homage to the ultimate racing version of the original Nineties F1 car – things get more focused still.

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