Forget Strada and Sport modes. In the Lamborghini Huracán Performante Spyder you need only engage the full-fat, manual-shift cacophony of noise and adrenaline that is Corsa. It’s a configuration that perfectly matches this athletic Italian’s aggressive aesthetics.

As a result, we’ve been taked some shots of this amazing Performante.

Performante isn’t a normal Huracán.

Crawling on light throttle you can pick out each cylinder’s individual combustion event, mixing and melding as engine speed climbs towards an 8500rpm redline and its terminal manic war cry; a frantic scream that mirrors the immediacy with which this Sant’ Agata savage can move when provoked. Heading past 6000rpm on the digital rev-counter requires serious concentration: this is a motor that spins with otherworldly pace.

To drive, the drop-top Performante will wend its way right into the recesses of your being. That noise alone should cause Ferrari’s turbo-hampered 488 to lose sleep, and while the handling isn’t Maranello-league sharp or 911 GT3-sensational, it’s enough for the 99.9% who don’t like to leave black lines over the world’s race circuits.

And if that’s your agenda then you’ll buy the tin-top anyway – and get noticeably less of that glorious V10’s song.

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