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We’re back! And this time we offerthe best shots of this BMW M4 Convertible in Purple Silk!

There are two major advantages to having a roofless BMW M4. One is the obvious fact that you can be much closer to process of achieving motion, the rush of scenery that much more apparent when there’s only a windscreen over your head.

The other is that you can much more prominently hear the magnificent, controlled cacophony of the straight-six turbo’s exhalations via a tuneful quartet of pipes.

But not even an extra quarter-ton dulls the 425-hp straight-six’s enthusiasm. It still accelerates as though its torque curve were brick-shaped, with a vertical line at 1850 rpm making a 90-degree turn at 406 lb-ft and proceeding to the redline with nary a divot. The convertible matched the aforementioned, manual-transmission coupe at 4.1 seconds to 60 mph. They were even through the quarter-mile, too, at 12.4 seconds, although the convertible tailed by 4 mph. So drag racers, stick with the hardtop.

The M4 convertible’s sticker is equally swollen. At $73,495 to start, it wallops your wallet to the tune of $8300 over the coupe. A healthy options tab—including carbon-ceramic brakes, adaptive suspension, 19-inch wheels, and a bunch of luxury trimmings—pushed this example to $90,670. An M4 convertible could be optioned up to $100,000. Enough M4 goodness remains in the convertible that we still enjoy it in spite of its compromises, but at more than $90,000, it does get harder to love.

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