The production version was unveiled at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show. The 2014 model year 918 Spyder was produced in a limited series and it was developed in Weissach and assembled in Zuffenhausen. Porsche manufactured 918 units as a 2014 model year and production started on November 18, 2013, with deliveries scheduled to begin in December 2013.

Sales in the United States began in June 2014. Pricing for the 918 Spyder started at US$845,000 (~ €611,000 or GB£511,000). According to its battery size, the 918 Spyder was eligible to a federal tax credit of up to US$3,667. As of November 2014, over 800 units had been ordered worldwide, with planned production sold out through late March or early April 2015. Production ended in June 2015 as scheduled. The entire production was sold out in December 2014. The country with the most orders is the United States with 294 units, followed by China and Germany with approximately 100 orders each. Canada ordered 35 units. According to JATO Dynamics, a total of 105 units have been registered worldwide during the first nine months of 2014. The United States is the leading market with 202 units delivered up to May 2015. As of October 2014, a total of 9 units were registered in Switzerland, 6 in the Netherlands, 5 units in Canada, and 4 in Sweden, and 3 in Brazil and one in Andorra.

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