The Audi RS4 Avant, the fourth iteration of a size-medium RS station wagon, is a vehicle whose concept fits its German home turf perfectly. It’s rather compact, and it features the highly practical five-door body style coveted all over the Old World. Oh, and it’s powered by an engine that’s well beyond adequate, even for one of the world’s few remaining markets where high speeds rule.

Its price in Germany comes to the equivalent of about $78,000 before taxes, which works out to roughly $2000 less than an RS5 coupe. That’s a good deal, relatively speaking, especially considering the three extra doors Audi’s throwing in. As we said, it’s perfect for the German home market, but unfortunately, you won’t see any prowling American roads. At least until the 25-year rolling ban on importation no longer applies—then you might see ours.

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