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The 2015 Roush Stage 3 Mustang is Ford fanboys’ answer to their Mopar buddies with Challenger Hellcats in their garages. Sure, the raw horsepower in the Hellcat is a bit more substantial, but when talk turns to power-to-weight ratios, not to mention road course racing, the advantage goes to the Ford team.

Roush Stage 3 injects steroids into the 5.0 Coyote with a 2.3-liter TVS supercharger. That bumps output from 435 hp to 670 hp and torque from 400 lb-ft to 545. The Roush exhaust, prepped for Active, is included, along with a one-way coilover suspension system with adjustable height. Stage 3 also gets extreme-duty halfshafts to handle all the extra power. Like the rest, the Stage 3 gets a dozen or so upgraded body pieces. Our tester had a couple extra options, including the tunable exhaust, Roush leather seats and a three-way coilover suspension that works with the Mustang’s different drive modes.

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