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Ferrari LaFerrari

Ladies and gentlemen of the Internet, we present to you the very first pictures of the brand new and rather delectable LaFerrari Aperta. The Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta was caught during filming session in Barcelona, and the area it was filmed in didn’t have any street closed for the shoot, as these big-budget commercial-type movies usually do.

Details are thin on the ground at this point, but we know a few crucial details. Details like its worldwide debut at this year’s Paris Motor Show, the fact there is no performance deficit to its LaFerrari Aperta sibling, and the ultimately quite major point that all planned examples have already sold out.

So, drivetrain and acceleration is as per the Coupe: 6.2-litre naturally aspirated V12 behind your head, seven-speed gearbox, rear-wheel-drive, an electric motor and figures of 950bhp and 663lb ft of torque. Which means 0-62mph in 2.9s, 0-124mph in under seven, 0-186mph in 15s and a top speed of 218mph. Fast on any level you care to count it against.

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